femCoders sensitization initiative

This initiative is targeted towards supporting girls and women with the vision of becoming experts in the various fields of ICT in Benin and Nigeria. It is a part of the global awareness process of sensitizing and training the girl-child in digital literacy, coding and robotics. Our goal also includes encouraging skilled women to share their knowledge with young girls in order to help reduce the gap in access to technology between men and women, in an African continent where more than 50% of informal entrepreneurs are women.

Awareness campaign

We have a strong call on inspiring girls/women in STEM, we run several on social media awareness campaign using the femcoders15 hashtag. check us out here Twitter & Facebook


Our team of experienced STEM professionals are available to give STEM newbies adequate information and professional advice needed to start a STEM adventure


Women who join our community go through intensive training in a STEM field of their choice. They are also given platforms to share their knowledge with other women in order to help reduce the gap in technology access between men And women in their community.


Not only do women acquire skillset, they also learn to venture into a STEM related business. We facilitate access to funds for women with innovative ideas by leveraging partnerships with interested companies.

Leadership programs

We facilitate Leadership training sessions for women across sectors.

Internship positions

We train and offer internship positions to women in our community via partnerships programs with other organisations.